Don't Live In Fear of Heightist Stereotypes and Labels

Most will agree it's "morally wrong" to stereotype people by their race or gender, and thus we shouldn't do that (at least that's what I was told in school). Yet when it comes to short men, it's not that others should stop stereotyping us. No, we're supposed to tiptoe around on glass, lest we "confirm stereotypes." It's a joke, especially when people have different thresholds for what qualifies as a "typical short man."

Sometimes, all it takes is for a short man to hit the gym, own a big car, or become a leader to be labeled with the "Napoleon Complex." Other times, "short man syndrome" is used when a short man defends himself verbally or physically. Don't live in fear of these labels. They're just traps to shut down short men, and these insults say more about the accuser than the accused.

Often, they were just waiting for an excuse to confirm their prejudice. If it's not one thing, it's another. Got a ticket from a cop who happens to be short? "I knew it, short men are power hungry!" Got cheated on by a short guy? "I knew short men were untrustworthy. I will never date one again."

Instead of bending to their whim, just flip these fuckers off. A short man could accidentally bump into them and they'd find some excuse to blame his stature. That's just what they do. Always ask yourself if they'd mention height had you been taller. Usually, the answer is no. No matter how many tall villains there are and have been, tall men will never be negatively labeled en masse, so don't appease others like they're your master and we need their approval.

Many short men believe that if they behave themselves 24/7, the "Napoleon Complex" label will hopefully die off. What these short men don't understand, is that by being so afraid of these stereotypes, it gives them more power. People will continue to use these labels, because they know it hurts and scares short men. Until the stereotype itself is stigmatized, people will never suddenly think "short men are like any other." They will always think "he behaves himself well, for a short man." Those who are guilty until proven innocent should not be the ones who change their behavior.

So should pigeonholed groups be responsible for quelling stereotypes? I don't think so. All I want is some consistency. I can't recall anyone forcing all Asians to fail math, for example, lest they confirm stereotypes. If I said women should never defend or retaliate, else they're on their periods, I'd be laughed off and chastised.

Currently, our predicament would be like if I said, "Have you noticed how so many women act like total bitches?" The moment one woman (rightfully) gets mad at that, I say "See? Told you. She's just proving me right by being so angry. Typical bitch." Then of course, some sycophantic girl chimes in with "I'm not like those angry women. I never get mad :) " and she gets a pat on the head for being "one of the good ones."

See how dumb this whole thing is when I spell it out like that? Yet when it comes to short men, it's "different" and we should just accept it. Don't fight back or we're just proving them right. Fuck that. I await the day society sees its hypocrisy when it comes to short men and our stereotypes.

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  1. This blog made me think of my early 20’s, as I was rejected by the foxes who chased after the Alfa males and showed no more interest in me than glancing at a blade of grass next to the highway traveling at 75 MPH. And this made me think about my own personal experiences with tall women, a slightly different story from this blog, but same result due to being a Beta male. One 6’ tall girl, in a gym, talked to me with such a look of disinterested she couldn’t have looked or acted more uninterested if she had wanted to. I approached another, who I estimated being 5 foot 9 or 10 inches. She got angry with me for even asking her out and stuck her finger in my face informing me she didn’t date shorter men. On line, I met a girl 5’11”, and we worked out together once in my apartment complex gym, after that she did not return my two phone calls, there could be others, too, I just don’t remember them all. Now, you may say the rejections were because of my looks, that could be true, but as I approached girls closer to my height, my success rate went way up.
    This blog also made me think about the rejections by tall girls, and it angered me, but not at the time the rejection. Only years later, when I actually tallied them up, did I get angry. I was rejected not because I was fat, bald, ugly, deformed or had a rotten personality. No. The reason I was rejected by all of these women was my height. Not a one even bothered to put forth the effort to get to know me much less date me.
    I did date three women who were significantly taller than me, two at 5’11” and one at 5’10”. (I am 5’8”) And all three happened to be 32 years of age, which is more than a coincidence and a tie in with this blog. No doubt all three wanted a tall Alfa male, and lost, so a safe stable Beta male was the next best thing in their 30’s, for I certainly didn’t grow any taller and I doubt I got better looking. These women were past their prime and worried. I was in my late 30’s, at this time of my life, after being married for 10 years. It was also at this time, I could easily date younger women, and I did. When I was 38, my first girlfriend was 27, the next was 27 and the next was 24 who became my second wife. I never dated with any intent of marrying a woman my age. Younger women had no issue with me dating them, and I certainly had no issue dating them. I remember going to singles events and seeing very pretty women, who were my age, who I know 15 years earlier would not have given me the time of day. And even now, they may have looked better than myself, but now it was me who had no interest in approaching them. I did not want to take time and money away from pursuing younger women. Why go old, when I could go young? I was amazed how the dating game changed in my favor. And I used it to my advantage, just as women had done years earlier.
    I am now married and have 4 sons. I have 3 degrees, and I have co-authored 2 US patents. I could have provided a good life to any girl. I wanted a taller girl because of the physical turn on and to for fill one of my desires, yet not one single tall girl (in her 20’s) gave me a chance. I was turned down consistently and without a second thought. (Maybe due to the Alfa male fascination) So, if you find yourself in your late 20’s or early 30’s with no prospect of a husband or children in the immediate future, you have no one to blame but yourself. There were men like me, who wanted a leggy female, but they, like me, were never accorded the opportunity. (This also applies to average height women, too) And the reality is that the vast majority of tall women will not even consider a shorter man (and Beta males) until it is too late. You would think it would be obvious that if you included shorter males (and Beta males) in your suitor selection, your odds would increase of finding a mate. There are a lot more short and medium height males than there are taller ones. So my advice would be to accept the advances of all men and get to know them.