Short Male Height Is Viewed as Inferior, yet It's Still Somehow A "Preference"

Good quote: Height - the only trait in which its attractiveness is objectively measurable, yet labeled as a subjective "personal preference".

Short stature is clearly not a good thing in our societies, yet it's still somehow "just a preference" like blonde or brunette. At least that's what they say, especially when short men are fed up. "I don't know why they're mad it's just a preference."

There's a reason why labels like "vertically challenged" exist. "Short" is also used as an insult in itself, especially when it comes to men. Male height is the most one-sided preference of all time. There's no comparison aside from flat-out disfigurement, and at least that's genderless.

Look at how many white knights show up when someone insinuates that small breasted girls are flawed:

133 upvotes: "Small tits are amazing and sexy! Shame on you for thinking your preference is the only positive out there!"

Can't remember the last time short male height was defended that way. We get the old "everyone has flaws so deal with it" line, while everyone still acts like it's just a preference.

When it comes to male height, I guess the joke is that they're asking "do you prefer inferior or superior?" Technically, I guess that is a matter of preference, but I doubt any of them get that.

Many people legitimately think "short or tall" is like some hairstyle preference. If you surveyed 100 of these people individually, they'd think at least some of the group would prefer short. The joke is that they all prefer tall. Then they'll come to some evolutionary conclusion about why that's the case. The conclusion is that short men are objectively and genetically inferior. Duh... It's still just a preference though.

When it comes to male height there's endless bullshit about evolushun evolushun. Funny thing is that I could also play the evolutionary game when it comes to breast size, but I doubt most people would have it. Females traits are preferences. Male traits are evolution. There is no female equivalent of "tall, dark, and handsome." Still, everyone will save face by pretending like it's all a preference, so they can go on acting like society is close to equal.

Fact of the matter is that men are thirsty dogs who will go for anything, while most women have the same preference regarding stature. There's no sense in acting like male height preferences are 50/50, or even 20/80, because the few girls who would prefer a 5'0 man over a 6'0 one are so scarce, one might as well search for the holy grail.

Of course, it's frowned upon to state any of this, because it's "too negative" even though it's still true. No, it's men who are the shallow and picky ones.

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