Break Your Bones to Get a Little Taller

Excerpt from full article:

"The 25-year-old’s need to stand taller was more professional than personal. 'Trust me, it was needed. Being short is not just a social handicap but also affects your career by getting in the way of promotions,' he said, lying in his bed with both legs in metal frames."

Some sad shit right here. Meanwhile we still have morons who think heightism is only about dating. No, it's about being viewed as a better overall human being. A better leader, more capable, etc.

Bonus retardation where they think height = frame:

"after a successful limb-lengthening surgery that added 3.5 inches to his somewhat slight frame of 5 feet and 4 inches."

If 5'4 is a "somewhat slight frame," does my 6'0 friend have a somewhat large frame? He's 125 lbs. To act like height is the same as frame is logically wrong. Just saying.

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