People Would Rather Be Tall Than Have $2 Million

Now, that thread may seem fucked up, but there's one bright side. At least these people aren't pretending like height doesn't matter.

Many of them are blatantly admitting that one foot of height is worth more than 2 million dollars. Most of the time, people pretend like height is some arbitrary trait when it clearly isn't.

Height is more important than ever, even though it should be less important in modern society. In the fairytale land society portrays, where height has no serious meaning, this question should be like "would you change your hair color for 2 million?" Of course most would. In a heartbeat. Why do you think it's so different for height, where being 5'3 or 5'6 is so bad that 2 million isn't enough?

Sometimes I feel like bashing my head in over how stupid this has become, but whatever. At least people are slowly admitting it now. They don't admit it's fucked up, but they admit height matters. A lot.

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