Friday, 6 March 2015

Line Between Preference and Prejudice Against Short Men

"Height can be a preference, but there's a line where it becomes prejudice. Most men won't totally ignore a woman just because her boobs are small. They can't filter out flat chested women on Match. They don't think flat chested women are lesser human beings. Some women want nothing to do with a shorter man, and even hate them for some reason. Some get insulted if a short guy says "hello". They may think shorter guys aren't as worthy for their time somehow than other people. That's prejudice. And for some reason that's fine in our society because it's lumped in with "preference". There's a difference." - Source

This person nailed it. Many people have pure disdain for short men, claiming we're weak or gross and that's why they don't like us. That's not mere preference. It's flat out hatred.

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