Everyone Wants Dat Taller Sperm



It's funny how some people feign empathy by saying, "I want a designer baby that will grow to be tall, because I don't want my son to deal with heightism."
"I only want to breed with whites, because my kids will suffer from less racism." Racism is worse, right? Even more reason to avoid minority DNA. /s

Instead of further perpetuating prejudice by only wanting tall sons and fathers, how about we stop treating short males like inferior scum? That would be too difficult for this (supposedly) tolerant and educated society, no doubt. This is also all in spite of how short DNA is not worse for health (more on this here). The best part is how people think tall fathers equal tall sons, like short mothers and tall daughters aren't even in the equation. If this really were about eugenics, nobody would breed with women under 5'10 either, because that's where short guys come from too.

People think they can avoid heightism by breeding out short men, but I equate this to 'solving' racism by making everyone the same color. That teaches absolutely nothing about tolerating and embracing human diversity. Imagine a world where designer babies are common, yet you're the one short kid whose parents couldn't afford to make you tall.

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