Taller Guy's Online Dating Experiment

"So I'm 5'11 which where I live is pretty average. I've been lurking on this subreddit for a several weeks and I thought some of the stories I read on here regarding heightism were somewhat exaggerated so I decided to conduct a small trial. I have an okcupid account, my height on there is listed as 5'11 and I average about 11-13 visitors on my profile per week with an average of about 1-2 messages a weeks as well so nothing out of the ordinary. I decided to change my height to 5'4 for an entire month to see how this would change both the amount of messages and visitors I got, leaving everything else the same (pics, bio etc). The average amount of visitors per week dropped from 12 to 3 , and in the entire 1 month period I had my height at 5'4 I only got 10 visitors in total and one message which turned out being a girl asking if I was really 5'4 because she said I looked alot taller on my profile pic. I couldn't believe simply because I was no longer 5'11 I was basically cut out from 75% of searches from girls browsing for a date, meaning they input a minimum height and you get cut off regardless of appearance or personality. Now I know it's not this bad in real life and dating sites are notorious for heightism, but I never knew it was such a crucially valued quality to the point it overshadows most of your other qualities. I mean is height really more important than your personality and general appearance? Apparently so to a decent portion of girls. Anyways I just wanted to share this with you guys since I thought It was relevant." - Source

I appreciate when average or above average height guys look for the truth rather than dismissing it.

Male height has transcended mere preference, like eye or hair color. Height is now something that makes or breaks a man for most of the opposite sex. It's quite sad yet fascinating. Modern humans are so funny, looking for requiring traits like height over strength of character, while tribal people barely even care for height.

"I mean is height really more important than your personality and general appearance? Apparently so..."

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