Portrayal of Short Men in Captain America Films

"There's this scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier where Cap is in a museum and there's an exhibit on him. It shows his height before he took the serum, which was 5'4". Then post-serum, it shows his height as 6'2". Was that really necessary? There's kids out there who will never reach that height, and it's like they're having it drilled into their heads that only men who are over 6 feet can be heroes. So yeah, that part was kinda annoying to me." 

"Agent Carter (isn't that her name?) basically felt pity for Steve when he was his real size. Then, after the serum, she falls in love with him."

I stopped watching the first film when they portrayed Cap as a short weakling who becomes a tall badass. That's like some black guy bleaching his skin to become a hero. This was the moment I swore off superhero movies, thus I never saw the sequels. Seems like they stuck with the whole 'he used to be short so he sucked' theme, so bravo for continuity.

I read a lot of comics, and in the original portrayal of Captain America, he was already tall (screenshot from issue 1). Keep in mind this first issue was from 1941. Way to be progressive by turning him short and using that as his weakness, rather than how sickly he was.

Not only did Hollywood take away one of the few short superheroes in Wolverine, they made Captain America a blatant message of 'short males suck, so have these drugs and become tall.' They intentionally and consciously did this.

Why? I just don't get why they're so intent on pushing these ideals. They didn't in the 1940's. Was it because back then, people could direct their hate towards minorities and homosexuals? Now, it's politically incorrect to mock those groups, so short men are the mainstream punching bags? Either that, or they're trying to narrow society's idea of attractiveness. Condition people to only want one product, so there's no guesswork to be done when casting actors. Those are the only reasons I can think of. If that's too far-fetched, then you tell me why Captain America is suddenly short and Wolverine is tall. Why is society going backwards in regards to short men?

If these films weren't viewed by millions, amongst them impressionable youth, I wouldn't give a shit, but there's a reason why short men are more attractive in tribal cultures. They don't have modern media.

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