UFC 174: Fuck You Vancouver

I'd hate to make another height post (I haven't made one in months), but it seems most news sites are ignoring the elephant in the room, regarding UFC 174.

The UFC recently had an event in my hometown of Vancouver, and during the main event, hordes of people walked out of the arena into the rain. Some are blaming the competitors for lackluster performances, but that's bullshit. I've seen main events twice as boring (*cough* Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites *cough*), and most people stayed in their seats. Fans may boo and heckle at boring fights, but they usually try to get their money's worth one way or another, like starting silly chants and hijacking the show. How did Vancouver fans even know the main event would be boring?

Oh, right - small men can't possibly deserve an ounce of respect. People would rather waste part of what they paid for than watch small guys fight. See, fans probably wouldn't care if the lighter divisions were on the preliminary card, but the idea of small men getting the main event over big guys seems to rub people the wrong way. Many people booed 5'6 Matt Serra and Sean Sherk when they were active competitors, despite both men being extremely nice and talented. Typical.

The only reason I'm pissed off is because this happened in Vancouver. This city should go back to rioting over hockey games and leave martial arts alone. At least other cities just shut up or boo when they're bored. They don't turn their backs on these fighters who bust their asses. I love MMA, but most of the fanbase consists of retarded dudebros and drunk sluts who belong in a bar, and it showed here at UFC 174.

I've seen average men and women claim they could beat up the Flyweight division. These fuckers are insane. Most people try to ignore it, but North American culture is far from tolerant. The idea of small men being tough and athletic is simply "wrong" in the Western mind. On the other hand, people eat up the women's division, despite them being the same size or smaller than the guys.

"I enjoy Womens MMA, but I could do with less midget fighting."

These "midgets" are more than likely stronger than the women, but who cares when there's eye candy?

"Never could understand why people were a fan of WMMA but not the same mens weight class. Always assumed if you liked WMMA you would be cool with the WEC classes to." 

Clearly because these guys think with their caveman dicks. It's fine for women to be small because it makes them bangable.

Casual fans who think being tall and fat makes them tough need to fuck off. I might as well go back to watching boxing where smaller guys like Manny Pacquiao get the respect they deserve.

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