The "Show Me a Study Or It Isn't True" Mentality, and How Eccentrics Drive Progress Forward

People give far too much validity to university studies when someone like myself also conducts university research in an accredited institution. I suspect you may just be sensitive to how language is used and prefer an academic glazing to what you read. I also agree, that some shit posted is complete conjecture/very out there, but that's like anything - they have academic studies backing them... flawed to fuck with falsified datasets and all kind of crap.. but hey we can reference it so it must be legit right? We can do cute little footnotes and [1] [2] everything, and go on about our harvard referencing to try and lend credence to something which is basically complete fucking hogwash.
You want to see some referencing and footnotes doing a circlejerk across books and articles and journals, which eventually lead back to an original theorist to begin with anyway if you just keep following the paper trail. Nothing wrong with theory at all - it has to originate from somewhere - and that's in someone's head - a good theory is proven and then amended/developed/refined through well done experimentation, but that is costly and of course, subject to flaw. Just because something isn't proven in a controlled lab environment/institutionally sanctioned survey doesn't mean an observation from the actual environment can't hold true.

I find it sad when academics are so unintelligent that they prioritize referencing and sourcing more than theory. If a theory is complex in nature, why would you fixate on its source? If it's a new theory, it won't be able to be referenced, or if it's the development of other theories it may appear to be new and thus difficult to associate with other things. Imagine when Einstein came up with the theory of relativity if someone had said, "hey you can't reference that shit it's pretty out there bro, you're just a nutter!" so we won't be giving your ideas the time of day....

Oh wait.. that's exactly what they did, Einstein was ridiculed to fuck. Then he died. Then people looked at his work and he got recognized for his contributions to physics. Eccentrics drive progress forward and drone academics who police the internet would do well to remember that, your ability to memorize and understand things within an explained framework has fuck all power in comparison to the eccentrics' ability to innovate.

Always pisses me off a bit intellectually when people scoff at something for sounding weird. Shows you're close-minded and not a true intellectual, just someone who prospers in the confines of what contemporarily constitutes the academic system.

"The you's" don't mean you specifically, but people who seem to have a dislike for anything that can't be referenced and demonstrate the whole "show me a study or it isn't true" mentality. - Source

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