A Suicidal Short Man

A suicidal short man says,

"Considering suicide because of constant rejection from being a short guy. I am 25 and I'm 5'5". Women hate short men. We can't make them feel "feminine" or "protected." And dating us is a liability because the kids will be short. And I understand...everyone has their preferences. Women almost universally want tall men, at least 5'10 or over, usually 6ft or more. I don't want to have to settle for someone I'm not attracted to. I have a handsome face, I'm in great shape, have a very good job...but the height ruins my entire package."

Let's get the typical replies he got out of the way:

"I am a woman, 173cm, and I won't date someone who is even the same height. I am 6 foot with heels on. Have you considered moving to somewhere in Asia?" 

First off, way to make him feel better Ms. Shallow. Secondly, why must a man run from his home to be judged from the inside? Third, what makes this lady think height bias only exists in the West? He'd be slightly taller in Asia, but when most girls who stand at 4'11" still want a 5'10+ mate, it's more effort than it's worth, especially if he's ignorant of the language/culture. Finally, the suggestion of moving to Asia only works under the assumption that a man has to be taller than his SO. Unfortunately, the majority of men and women buy into this cardinal rule so my suggestion to chase tall girls seems fruitless at this point, because I think many short men are still stubborn about finding a shorter girl.

"There are other things going on besides an issue with your height if you are actually considering suicide."

Victim blaming. When the world goes out of its way to treat short men like subhumans, that is not his fault. When women flat out state their height requirements (not preferences), that is an issue beyond his control.

"Not all women seek tall guys. I've seen many short guys with gfs so height isn't THAT important."

Anecdotes mean nothing in the face of statistics. At 5'5" he is shorter than half of the female population, and 96% of women will not date a man shorter than they are, meaning he's left with 50%. This is important when you take into account how most women think their real height is with heels on, so his odds are even lower, as a 5'5" girl will consider herself 5'8-5'11 and reject him for being "shorter than her."

Subtract the women who are outright physically/emotionally incompatible and you will be left with the ones who still prefer tall men, but will date a short guy while picturing a tall stud in the bedroom. These are the women who tall men do not desire for one reason or another, but would gladly leap into a tall guy's lap at a moment's notice. In other words, get ready to be dumped or at least cuckolded eventually.

Our suicidal man would likely settle for a woman who doesn't view him as most desirable, but let's take this a step further. Let's say a short man with pride ignores these women, then what is he left with? How many women truthfully don't care about his shorter stature, or even prefer it? You do the math.

What is my fucking point? Heightism sucks so have fun chasing that 1%. Better than zero, right?

No, but really, to all the short guys who off themselves, I understand it in the same way a crippled/disfigured person would end their life. You aren't as scarred, but you might as well be.

The women are actually prefer short men are slim to none. Those who 'don't mind' your height, but still prefer tall men, will never fulfill your ego. A short guy will rarely get the chance to know how it feels to be the one. Throw in other factors for a guy to be rejected, like facial aesthetics or ethnicity, and that's enough for some hopeless romantics to die.

So either commit suicide or keep waiting like myself, because I'm too stubborn/cowardly/hopeful.

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