Friday, 10 January 2014

How Heightism is Invisible Even to Anti-Racism Activists

I caught something wonderful from a blog against men who are attracted to Asian women for their skin color:

"For instance, it is true that I tend to be drawn to well-dressed men who are taller than me, but I don’t assume anything about them besides the fact that they are well-dressed and taller."

"Racial fetish is also different than other types of kinks because it’s not just about a self-chosen lifestyle (S&M, for example), a self-determined action (thanks for making Golden Shower well-known, R. Kelly), or sexualizing a body part (feet fetishism seems pretty prominent). Yellow/Jungle/Salsa/Curry Fevers are about exotification of groups of people based on a part of their identity that they have no control over."

The bolded parts are important, because they show why I rarely have sympathy for women who complain about being sexualised for an uncontrollable trait (like ethnicity), yet they apply height preferences to men. Are tall, average, and short men not large groups of people who have no control over their genetics?

A woman's superficial preferences translate to empowerment, sexual liberation, etc. Yet men having sexual preferences make them misogynists or pigs.

As an Asian male, I know all about the racism still apparent in society against both Asian men and women. Still, the men who love Asian women are no different than the women who prefer tall men.

Either proclaim all physical preferences to be shallow or accept them all. Do not straddle the fence as a hypocrite and use labels like "Yellow-Fever." What about the women with "White-Fever" or "Tall-Fever?"Oh, those are just preferences, right?

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