Thursday, 16 January 2014

Heightism: Preferences =/= Requirements

A person who prefers one flavor of ice cream will still gladly eat many others.

A girl who has a minimum height for boyfriends set at 5'10 does not prefer taller men, she demands them. She would rather be alone than seen with someone shorter, so how is that a preference? She is open to one option and completely rejects the other.

I guess by definition, she "prefers" tall men over short ones 100% of the time, but why not get specific and just call it a requirement? Is it because a requirement sounds more narrow-minded?

This irks me because the same girl will liken her obsession with tall men to males and our preferences. Most men who prefer large breasts would still marry a flat-chested girl if she is his ideal partner in every other way. Try finding a woman who would give a short man the chance to prove her wrong.

On a personal note, even if a girl says she prefers tall guys but still dates me, I'm not desperate enough to take it. The idea that every time we walk down the street together and a taller man passes, knowing he's automatically superior if she didn't know me is bullshit.

Some would claim I'm picky for not wanting to be viewed as inherently inferior, but it's my preference requirement to not date anyone superficial. I cannot force any woman to be open-minded so I'll gladly be alone, but whatever you do, please don't pretend that a height requirement is a preference.

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