Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What's the Point of Debating?

Have you seen people on the Internet who debate with strangers for hours? It's ridiculous. In fact, I dare say it's pointless to argue with a stranger in real life about education or politics. Nothing changes from it. If a politician like Ron Paul can spend time elaborating his points only to get ignored by the mainstream US media, I'm pretty sure I can shut up dozens of people in debates and still come out with nothing.

These days, I just tell people who attack my ideas about school or dating to leave me alone. It's not that I can't articulate myself or dissect their viewpoints. Anyone who reads my writing knows that I can debate for days, but I've had these discussions over and over again so it's easier to dump a bunch of links and let others educate themselves. If they get nothing out of my alternative media, then I couldn't care less. Life is repetitious enough without debating against different people who always have the same arguments.

Even the people who consider my way of thinking will send their kids to public school, they'll date shallowly, they'll treat their offspring like pets, they won't question the majority or authority. More importantly, most of us aren't important enough to be owed any debates. I blame school debate teams for inflating the self-worth of some adults, who go through life thinking we all voluntarily entered into a competition with them. If the pseudo-intellectuals are so great, maybe they would realize their opinions are as worthless as my own. This is why I rant on a blog that about three people read.

My brain generates enough contradiction on its own without being goaded into flame wars, and words can't change the things that keep me up at night. The ignorant kids back in school may be impressed by people who yap a lot, but it's the same old smooth talking and fancy schmancy terminology to me.

If someone needs a debate to open their mind, then they are very dependent on outside stimulation. I prefer to get the same effect by scouring the Internet, where any viewpoint can be found. That way, nobody wastes their time, and I don't get annoyed by people are aren't as smart as their diplomas or degrees lead them to believe.

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