Thursday, 19 December 2013

Emotions, Drugs, and Therapy... People Should Solve Their Own Problems

Why do so many people have such a hard-on for drugs and therapy? Whenever you see a complex personal issue presented, most strangers suggest medication or the shrinks. I'm convinced it's because people are incapable of giving good advice and so they fall back on therapy as some kind of magical fix-all solution, just so it seems like they have something useful to say.

Surely therapists make their money from people in therapy, therefore 'solving their problems' seems opposite to the capitalistic model; they'll stop coming and stop paying. This model I've got in my head (whether fictitious or not) seems capable of abusing 'help' by prolonging the ordeal.

Emotions are the mind's perception of instincts, no? If you wish to get fancy, "emotions have been described as discrete and consistent responses to internal or external events which have a particular significance for the organism." Quoted from Wikipedia. Somewhere I can hear a school teacher's cry about how it isn't a reliable source.

Anyway, when something is dangerous, you feel fear. So why is depression any different? A rational and competent person would not try to kill the emotion itself, but that is exactly how many view depression, like it's a disease that must be eradicated. I'm not suggesting to sit by and wallow in sadness, but instead fix what is troubling you. It seems like most people either sit around moping or prefer the drugs and lecturing, all before trying their best alone.

I'm sure there's some person out there who feels depressed 24/7 for no reason whatsoever, but every troubled individual I've encountered could pinpoint their issues no problem. School, relationships, you name it. Still, instead of changing their lives, they would rather pretend some stranger could give their dilemmas further insight. It's the final part of this 'someone else's problem to fix' mentality that the developed world has a lot of. Only this time it's your problem to fix and you're paying someone else do it for you. It's easier to let others find solutions whether they're your problems or not.

My father has been to therapy. So has my sister, along with chugging medication that doesn't do much beyond zombifying. A girl I was in a long distance relationship with for a couple of months also 'got help,' only to find out I was a better counselor than her professionals ever were. My childhood pal was close friends with a girl in high school who also ended up on happy pills. It's ridiculous how many people actually believe that "talking" and counseling will fix anything.

All of this has become an annoying idea. The moment your mentality veers off the beaten path, someone will recommend you to a therapist, as if we don't have the capability to figure out our own problems. More importantly, people are so apathetic that they would go into support forums just to recommend therapy. Since when did we need a degree to give advice on life problems?

"Go seek help. Go see a therapist." Come up with something original or shut the fuck up. There is comfort in knowing the advice you're getting isn't paid for.

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