Friday, 27 December 2013

Damn Bro

 A comment about heightism from Joe, the webmaster of

"Hey man, why don't you become a drummer? I became a drummer and that changed all the chicks' opinions of me. Now they flock to me man! Ya just gotta be confident man! It's all in how you carry urself man! If you walk around like a wimp askin everybody to feel sorry for you nobody's gonna care. That's the way it is. Women don't like whiners. -

This is the advice I'd probably give if I were a deluded short guy. But jokes aside, I agree. The media plays a large role I believe in women's attitudes because as a rule it is biased in favor of women. Of that there is no doubt in my mind. Nonetheless, it has never been chivalrous to talk to a woman and open up with questions about her height. I agree. However, the bias in society in favor of women and against men creates an incredible double standard, especially where the short man is concerned. Feminists claim that they want equal rights for women, what they really want is for women to have POWER over men, while still being treated like "ladies", and men still shouldering the same responsibilities as before. The hypocrisy of feminism is right in our faces. For example, if women are equal to men, then why do they need for example, a man to be a certain height so that he can "protect" them? Women today seem to have a sense of entitlement that they didn't have before. More and more think that they are "entitled" to do and say anything they want, but when you do it to them it's wrong. And they've got the media on their side AND also by the way, the so-called "Alpha-Males". By the way, to be considered an Alpha-Male a guy must be Tall. And that's another thing too, this whole Alpha Male concept has a large group of women going after a small number of men, and the result is that in the end, they wind up with no one because they're standards are too "high" - in more ways than one. In any case, that's my rant."

Damn bro. Hitting it hard and politically incorrect, but I like it.

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