Saturday, 2 November 2013

Short Man Syndrome

Just felt like reposting something I found from this great site regarding heightism.

"As an example of heightism, today in my philosophy course we were on the subject of oppression. Our professor asked the question "What gives people power? How do we decide who is powerful or not?" Then he proceeded to give an example. "How is it that Kim Jong Il, and now his son, Kim Jong Un, both short, napoleonic, weasels of are they able to command power from others?" A girl in the class shouted out "He has short man syndrome!" and then a lot of students started laughing. Then the girl looked over at me and said "Oh, no offense Erik!" which was followed by another round of laughter. I responded that I did not find any of it funny and since we were talking about oppression, discrimination and social justice, I asked why is it that whenever we talk about these subjects in modern society we always talk about sexism or racism but not heightism? And of course students got upset with me for trying to suggest heightist discrimination is a serious issue comparable with discrimination based on gender or race."

People do not like to be reminded of their own shallow bigotry. Then again, it's not discrimination until someone is enslaved, right?

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