Friday, 1 November 2013

Heightism Series

I'm starting a series of posts on the bigotry against a person's stature (tall or short, but usually the latter). Heightism is one of, if not the least, talked about prejudice amongst civilization. While people have never been outwardly enslaved over their stature, any bigotry against a genetic trait is vile in my eyes. If you make fun of anyone over something they have no control over, you're a fucking asshole.

There was a case of a 12 year old boy who committed suicide due to heightist bullying. I will never forget this story, because it spits in the face of anyone who says "heightism isn't a serious issue." Never mind the amount of posts I've read from men who've fallen into depression over their height. Stature is such a meaningless trait in modern society, and yet heightism seems to be getting worse. You now have preteen girls complaining about how there are no tall boys around, and bigots openly calling for the genocide of short men.

I try my best to talk and write about this issue whenever I can, but just like my dream of changing schooling, ageism, and the defilement of freedom, it's a losing battle. Everyone is just so educated, and I cannot overcome their science and logic with humanity.

Short people are forever inferior, no matter how many of them overcome the odds. Influential men like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus. Freaks of nature in Bruce Lee and Ed Coan. The conquerors Napoleon and Alexander the Great. Nobody knows nor cares how none of them were over 5'8." If they could not leave a dent on this tall worship culture, how could I?

Like always, I don't know what to do, but I will not keep quiet. For every site raising awareness, there's a dozen studies about how short people are inherently dumber or dangerous. The same studies that supposedly proved how blacks are born stupid. Science can be used to prove anything, so I must try to balance the battle between heart and brain. If I'm weaker and dumber as a short man, then I should be no threat anyway, so why not?

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