Monday, 19 August 2013

I Know Where This Guy Is Coming From

I just saw a young man post the following:  

"Honestly, I avoid dating in general. I refuse to apologize or feel bad about not being born big and since women want big men, big ego's and big dicks I'll just leave them all to their business. Divorce rate in America is at 50% so it seems like their magical big guys aren't all that great. Whatever. Been through enough shit to a point where I've made the decision to go through the rest of my days alone."

I've never told anyone this, but in the last few years, I've chatted with lots of girls online after they contacted me one way or another. They've all liked me, telling me I'm interesting, sweet, funny, smart, etc. Then they ask what I look like, and I tell them I'm a short Asian guy. That's all I say, nothing more, nothing less... All these girls then ignored me and never responded again.

Apparently, being an Asian male and shorter than average is a deal breaker for many ladies. I'm not bitter, because I never planned on dating any of these girls. I only talked to them because they wanted to, and then they started getting ideas. It's both funny and antagonizing when they turn me away, because they're the ones who made the first move.

When the only 'flaws' I have (according to Western society) are two genetic traits I have no control over, that's boggling. Maybe it's because all the strong, intelligent men on TV are dashing tall white males, so when I display those traits over the Internet, girls assume I'm James Bond. Sorry to disappoint.

I just felt like talking about how most women avoid short/Asian men, even if we're really smart, strong, and romantic. Oh well, it's their loss.

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