Example of People's Confirmation Bias and Projection Regarding Height

Essentially, photos of 5'7 Mark Zuckerberg sitting on a booster seat went viral. People mocked him for being insecure about his height and trying to look taller. It shows how important height is, that sitting on a cushion makes countless headlines, even from mainstream media outlets.

In reality, and I quote:
A rep from Facebook said the cushion was not the billionaire’s private seat, but was provided by the Senate Judiciary Committee. “That’s the committee’s standard practice,” a company spokesperson told The Post.
As you can see, people simply projected their own feelings about height onto Zuckerberg. However you may feel about the guy, to automatically assume he's insecure about his height is nothing more than conjecture, founded on the basis that male shortness is something that must cause embarrassment.

This doesn't only happen to short men who draw the public's ire, but to short men in general. Here it is happening to Kit Harington. People will automatically assume you're insecure just by existing.

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