Article Claims Short Men More Likely to Become Mass Shooters

This is what happens when height prejudice goes unchecked.

We now have articles trying to link male shortness to shooting people: ("height is a "visible symbol of masculinity" for men. "So lacking it, maybe shorter men are more likely to turn to other resources to demonstrate masculinity." All too often, those "other resources" men access in order to prove they're real men are violent.").

Part of me isn't too surprised, as I've seen short male height used to strengthen the hatred towards a nazi. When a shooter is 6 foot 2 and 240 pounds, people simply say it makes him imposing. But when a criminal is short, it's lumped in with personality traits like "creepy" and "rude," as seen in this article about a short gunman. Being tall simply makes a man more intimidating, but being short allegedly makes a man more likely to be evil.

I'm just left wondering when it's finally okay to start a discussion about height discrimination. It's already been proven that short men are the least aggressive on average. It seems like this zen passivity has been working out real well. When it comes to the topic of height prejudice, instead of educating people, the suggestion is to always close your eyes, cover your ears and shut your mouth. Well, it's gotten us here.

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