Silly Mentality of the Day: "If You Don't Care About Your Own Height, Nobody Else Will."

Somehow, I see this ridiculous notion parroted every once in a while [1][2].

If schools actually cared about education, everyone would know what the just-world fallacy is by now. This whole idea based in solipsism makes no sense. It's one thing to say "don't let other people's judgements break you." I support that idea. It's another to blame the person being judged, like anyone who ever gets targeted didn't love themselves enough, like they failed to influence reality with their mind.

Humans judge others based on looks. Always have. Even if someone doesn't care about or even loves their own traits, other people will judge them for it. Let's say somebody was obese and genuinely loves their own body. Does society suddenly not judge them on their weight? If some man had a micropenis and embraces it, do most women ignore that when he takes his pants off?

Considering how South Korea has "stretching clinics," and sperm banks have a height requirement, clearly this world cares about height. It has nothing to do with how an individual perceives their own stature. Even if a short man is proud of his height, it's viewed as an objective flaw by the majority of society. In fact, the less a short man hates his own height, the more insecure others claim he is [1][2].

All in all, I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of not obsessing about looking taller and not hating one's own height. What I do not promote is the delusion in thinking prejudice goes away if you imagine it really hard.

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