Sunday, 6 August 2017

People Outraged Over Female Weight Issues/Body Standards

Never let anyone claim society does not care about an issue unless it involves slavery or laws or lynching (fallacy of relative privation). "Heightism doesn't matter because racism, sexism, and homophobia are worse".

Okay, then what about all this?

If someone says "society only cares about an issue if it affects women," then I'll be the first to agree. Anything else is just an excuse. Give one reason why women's weight standards are a big deal but height prejudice is not. Height is linked with wage gaps, suicide rates, etc. not to mention how height isn't controllable like weight.

People outright insult short men all the time, and barely anyone cares. Meanwhile, simply asking about or pointing out a woman's weight is considered rude, let alone mocking it. There's a reason why the WWE announces the men's weights but not the women's.

Update: Apparently, universities also have a 'fat studies' course about the discrimination fat women face.

Update 2: While society is treating fat shaming as a serious issue, here is the kind of presentation heightism gets. It's all a joke to them, even when talking about derogatory stereotypes or the height wage gap.

Update 3: I keep finding more weirdness about how society views height.
According to society's mentality, judging a person based on their choices/lifestyle is not okay, but judging someone by how they're born is okay. For the record, I think both are rude (they're obviously intended to be), but look at the likes/retweets. It's the social difference in how much more popular and acceptable it is to bash short men that's worth noting. Also inb4 "it's just a prank bro."

Whenever I see women mocked over their traits, be it weight, height, breast size or whatever, there's always a plethora of people rushing to defend them. For example, when 4'11 Ariana Grande was mocked about her size, it sparked outrage. Often we see even 5'7 - 5'8 male stars like Tom Cruise or Kit Harington being mocked about their height. Where's the same reaction?

This is why weightism has a university course while heightism remains a humorous topic. It's not the trait being targeted that matters, it's which gender is being affected en masse.

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