"Dutch Men Now 'Enjoy' the Tallest Average Height"


Putting the above article aside for a second, notice how people talk about height. Dutch men now "enjoy" the tallest average height. You know how certain places like India or Korea value pale skin? "This country now enjoys the lightest skin tone."

Anyway, the most recent research proposes that "Dutch men are the tallest in the world because that’s what Dutch women prefer." I wouldn't be surprised if this is the sole cause, rather than environmental/nutritional factors, because height is about 80% genetic. The rising rate of single parents in the Netherlands also supports this theory. I'm guessing the same tall guys go around impregnating many women.

What's funny is that tribal cultures don't display as much preference for tall men. It's interesting how the more advanced a society is, the more a physical trait like height affects sexual selection.

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