Imagine Claiming "I Don't Take Female Action Stars Seriously"

Found on DailyHeightism's Twitter.

At least this one also shits on older guys.

Now, I know the same old excuses will be used to justify this. "It's just instinct, biology, etc." Still, you know Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, or Rey in the seventh Star Wars movie? If anyone said they didn't take them seriously because they're women (weaker than men), most people these days would throw a hissy fit and say, "it's all fake anyway, so get over it sexist."

Notice how the first screenshot points out her height, but not her gender. The reason is not scientific, it's political correctness. All the reasons used in favor of height (stronger on average, more intimidating, etc.) can also be used to explain why a male is more preferable as leader.

Speaking of political correctness, claiming heightism is a bigger problem than sexism in any facet of life is also a big no-no, but I firmly believe these days, even a 5'7 man like Tom Cruise is taken less seriously than a tall female star. Even though I'd bet the house on how 6'3 actress Gwendoline Christie is not very strong in real life, she's taken seriously in media because she's tall. There's a reason why most video games have men facing women and nobody bats an eye, but rarely are the male heroes allowed to be short. More talk of this here.

P.S Keanu Reeves is apparently about 165 lbs, so that's also pretty funny since he's not even that big, just tall.

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