Sunday, 11 December 2016

Why Height and Breast Size Are Not Alike

Can't believe I even have to make this post, but I've been seeing this a lot lately: "Short men are just the equivalent of flat girls." Don't want to make this sound like oppression olympics (I actually hate that phrase anyway). I just don't like objectively wrong claims, especially when they're reoccurring. I'll make it clear as to why:
  1. Before somebody claims this is different because boobs are sexual but height isn't, if so many women talk about how tall men turn them on, then height is sexual.
  2. Here's what happens these days when small breasts are remotely implied to be inferior. Skim through and notice the massive defense force that comes out of the woodwork. Yeah, short people totally get that much unsolicited support.
  3. Advertisements like this or this, but about flat women, would never be made. Maybe if we went back a couple decades, but even then I wouldn't count on it. Today? Definitely not going to be approved. There are also films like Twins, Gattaca, and Shrek. How many movies treat breast size the same way?
  4. There are flat-chested actresses and models who are still considered very attractive. A man who's shorter than 5'5 is pretty much disqualified as a sex symbol.
  5. Small breasted women are not regularly labeled with official-sounding syndromes/complexes when they get angry, or do the same things their larger counterparts do.
  6. If we want to talk about the dating/attractiveness aspect, how often do women have to list their cup size on dating sites? How often do men outright state a breast size requirement then turn down anyone under it? Not to mention how many men either don't mind smaller breasts, or even prefer them. How many women go really nuts for really short men?
  7. I don't recall any government spending millions of dollars to increase the breast size of women, like it's a disease to be rid of.
  8. Is there such a thing as "idiopathic small cup size?" There's certainly "idiopathic short stature."
  9. Sperm banks also turn down anyone under average height. Don't know if egg donors are rejected if they're under average cup size. Perhaps they are, I wouldn't know.
All in all, people will say anything these days to get short men to shut up. More importantly, it seems like society has this impulsive need to always steer any attention or empathy back towards women.

Edit: I should add an example since I never saved the older times I saw this. "Imo the height obession of men is like the boob obession of women. Nobody cares but you. If you make it a difficulty it will be, a self fullfilling prophecy, if you will."

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