Ever Notice How The "Good" Short Men Go Along With Heightism?

I've noticed that the short men people consider "cool, tough, alpha, confident, secure, positive," etc. typically do two things:

  1. Proclaim tallness as superior, but they'll just "deal with it."
  2. Call themselves "manlets" and other various slurs, because it's shows how they're confident and accept themselves. They also label anyone who doesn't do this as insecure.

Any short man who challenges this status quo has a complex/syndrome, is bitter, insecure, weak, etc. It's just fascinating to me, because if you replace this situation with race or something, people do a complete 180.

For example, I've seen some Asian men say "We have to admit, Asian guys are generally uglier/weaker." Guess what happens? Everyone around teams up to find the guy's balls and put them back on him, like here.

I'm just left wondering who else is pressured into doing this stuff. If I called a bunch of flat-chested girls "pancakes," who would pressure them into also calling themselves that, lest they're "insecure?" Rather, the moment someone remotely insinuates small breast as a flaw, everyone shows up to play the defense force.

Just funny how it's the other way with height. If you're a short man, you must be secure with your implied inferiority, or else you're the piece of shit. It's not enough that the prejudice exists, short men have to go along with it too.

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