The Real Height Complex

That is all.


  1. In Ralph Keyes' 1980's book, 'The Height of Your Life', Keyes wrote about 6'10" Hollywood Director and Producer Michael Crichton getting very uptight when meeting or having to interact with someone taller than he was. At a 1970's party attended by 7'1" Basketball great Wilt Chamberlain, it appears that Crichton acted like a consummate clown - a stereotype often attributed to short men - and on a Hollywood set Crichton was graced by the presence of 7'2" Basketball great Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and all Crichton could think of was, "GET HIM OUT OF HERE"!, according to Keyes. It seems Tall men don't like looking up at Taller men or being in the presence of taller man, they get an inferiority complex. Of course NO ONE accuses THEM of having any type of "complex". This is part and parcel of the double standards imposed on short/shorter men, and those "standards" are always higher.

    1. Best part is how they openly admit they view being shorter as inadequate, but of course heightism doesn't exist, and only short men have height complexes. If they feel inferior in the presence of taller men, is it crazy to think they feel superior in the presence of shorter ones?

      Seriously, that thread is bonkers. If we went that mental over some groups's skin color or whatever, we'd be labeled as blatantly insane.