Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Remember Kids: Short Men Have Height Complexes. Tall Men Are Simply Jackasses


Here's the best comment from where I found this. He sums up the stupidity of heightism and humanity:

Love how people are so inherently fucking retarded on a mass scale to believe that "short man syndrome/Napoleon complex" is some nebulous inherent genetic predisposition. How about treating smaller boys/teens like shit consistently as they mature, shaming them about their bodies and when they actually start having lower self esteem about it tell them that it must be their shit personalities, lack of hobbies, or worst of all fucking confidence!(of course hes not going to have confidence you crush them every time they even think of developing some). That ladies and gentlemen is what turns a perfectly normal kid/teen/man into the stereotypical angry, bitter short man that society loves to demonize. You could take any subset of people with a certain physical attribute and crush them throughout their developmental years and you will have the same damn result.

If we dare try to improve our bodies to make up for our perceived "weakness" we are shamed for it If we try to be just as competitive as other men we are "pushy" and "Napoleons".

People WANT us to be the perfect short man: meek, feeble, cowardly little asexual clowns. Then we have the fuckstick short guys who defend this type of thinking and play the silly little clown or bring up stories about non existent little 5'2 friends who are these magical bad asses just to try to torpedo any points you make. There really is no fucking winning ever.

On this very blog, I've had people telling me to tone it down, or else I'm perpetuating heightist stereotypes. What these idiots don't realize, is that when we don't address heightism, short men are guilty until proven innocent. We could all be good little boys, but these stereotypes will still exist. They will rear their ugly heads the moment a short man does anything "dominant" like a tall guy does, benign things like lifting weights, gunning for a leadership position, etc.

I especially love when this shit happens in generic and popular forums like AskReddit. This isn't some specific hatred one has to dig up, like in the now defunct fatpeoplehate sub.

Heightism is everywhere.

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