"TV Exposure Linked to Female Body Ideal"

Here's the study: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/press/news/2016/02/femalebodyimageideals/

Wonder what would happen if we flipped the genders and made this about height.

"For the first time experts have been able to eliminate external factors and specifically pinpoint television as having a direct link with female body ideals."
"Research involved assessing groups with different levels of access to Western media. This included people from an urban area, a village with television access, and a village with little television access."
"It was found that the highest Body Mass Index (BMI) preferences were found in the village with least media access, while those living in urban areas preferred thinner female bodies."

"He said: “Our study shows that television is having a significant impact on what people think is the ideal woman’s body."
This reminds me of all the studies where tribal people don't prefer tall men en-masse: http://heightismandothershit.blogspot.ca/2015/12/numerous-studies-on-height-preferences.html

The more studies pop up, the more I'm convinced our preferences are culturally induced for the most part. I think a good example of this, would be our view on penis size compared to ancient Greeks and Romans. Can you believe the big dicked guys used to be the ones mocked? These ideals may start from either instinct or society, but it's the latter than strengthens and spreads it.

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