There May Be a Racial Component to Heightism

Always nice to see more people discussing heightism. Quotes taken from this thread:

"I think there may be a racial component to heightism as well... there is the subtext that Whites are better than Asians because they are taller, that kind of thing... If they believed their height to be a negative or a neutral thing they would not be so frequently and quickly highlighting it."
"White guys most definitely have, say, hairier backs than Asians. But you don't see them posting pictures of that everywhere."
"Reminds me of those 19th century European adventurers in Africa taking photos of themselves standing with black pygmies to prove the superiority of the white race and illustrate the weirdness and exoticness of the pygmies."

At least the pygmy photo has more neutral expressions, grumpy at best. The Asian/white one is obnoxiously blatant. People can pretend like it's a joke, but like an above quote said, we don't see as many body hair comparison pics.

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