Biological Determinism

"Biological determinism is a term used in some literature to describe the belief that human behavior is controlled solely by an individual's genes or some component of physiology."

While I don't believe heightism (especially in regards to attractiveness) is purely biological, due to these studies, I've seen many people use biological determinism to explain/excuse heightism, so click this link to read how "genetics" have been used for ages to put people in their place.

Nina Jablonski, a professor of anthropology at Pennsylvania State University, notes that while some people assert that race is a social construct, racist beliefs that one's skin color is somehow associated with one's moral, social, and intellectual characteristics persist. Although there is "no scientific evidence to support substantial differences between groups",[9] the belief that one's race makes one innately superior over another endures as an unavoidable influence in today's world.[10] Racism that stems from the belief of biological determinism appears to be detrimental to both parties, according to Jablonski. For the person with the racist ideals, it often plants the idea into their head that their own race is inarguably superior in every aspect and for the race being targeted, it puts into their mind the idea that they are somehow inferior, weaker, or less intelligent. This categorization “becomes determinative of personality and individual experience, and is itself a destination.[10]

In "Nineteenth-century craniology: the study of the female skull", Elizabeth Fee, a historian of health and medicine discusses what many anthropologists of the 1860s viewed as a "social problem". In a time where the women's rights movement was viewed as a legitimate hazard, anthropologists of the Anthropological Society set out to undermine gender equality in the educational and scientific realm. They believed that women were assigned a specific role in nature and should never stray from that role. This role was motherhood, to which all women were "biologically destined."[13] The Anthropological Society emphasized that women were to wholly accept and embrace this role because motherhood was supposedly completely "incompatible with intellectual pretension, economic competition, or the vote."[13]

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