DirecTV Heightist Commercial

Notice how short men are always the punchline instead of short women. Or imagine if they used a flat or fat woman to represent the inferior product. There would be hell to pay. Not saying they should use women instead, but the double standards are tiresome. It's not even the ad itself that is solely offensive, it's all the hypocritical rules this society has.

"Why do people hate short men so much?"

Comments like this are also hilarious: "I don't know many people who really hate short people, they just think the ones who get really offended over something like this commercial are really funny... it isn't disrespect just due to being short, it's just being short and really indignant about it."

Says a 5'11 guy. I don't think he realizes what it's like to be the constant joke. At the end of the day, this is a variation of the just-world fallacy. No matter how much info there is about the way most people are prejudiced against short men, it's always, "barely anyone discriminates based on height, they just don't like bad personalities." Never mind how any short man who isn't a walking punchline is a good enough excuse to disrespect. He's not spitting at them, insulting them, or anything like that. Apparently, it's that easy. You're a short man who doesn't dance when told to dance? Time to further mock this short fucker. It's also funny because whichever way, the short man is being laughed at, so the only choice is whether or not to play along. An easy choice in either case, just depends on what kind of short man one is.

For further reading, take a look at how people got outraged when 4'11 Ariana Grande was mocked.

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