Sunday, 30 August 2015

Always Just a Joke (Heightist Signs)

Nothing's funnier than the image of a short person drinking like a slave. Last line is ironic.
supportfortheshort contacted these people and they replied:
"Thank you for reaching out to Hester Street Fair! Yes, that was us - we like to have silly funny, catchy, cheeky signs each week. We hope you enjoyed! Look out for another one next Saturday."
Of course others will always try to defend this.
"I see it as just a joke about the fact that short people are closer to the ground. A joke about a physical fact, not at anybody's expense."
I just wonder how often 6 foot people are used as punchlines. What "joke about a physical fact" can we make about average height stature? At least 7-footers only have to deal with tiresome jokes, rather than disrespectful ones. There's no negative connotation behind jokes against tall people. Society's fictional equality is great.
"Being about 6'5". If I saw a sign at a restaurant that said "Water for GIRAFFES 'OR' tall people". I'd get a good laugh and move on. It's all about you look at the world. Don't get butthurt over a harmless sign."
This doesn't ever happen so it's not like his "if" means anything. It's also not about finding this one joke horrible and overreacting. It's about these little straws of disrespect piling up over time and eventually breaking your back. One literal jab doesn't kill but they're annoying as hell. Some 6'5 dude calling us "butthurt" is rich. They just don't get it because they're respected more on average. Besides, dogs are domesticated and obedient. Giraffes aren't pets. His example bites him in the ass.

To end this, just imagine a sign saying "there's a wider door out back for the fat ladies out there ;)". Don't bullshit me about how they'd take it on the chin. The feminists and white knights and show up so fast. It's this fear that public establishments have about mocking flat or fat women that pisses me off. All of the sudden, the fun and games end when political correctness comes knocking. Not brave enough to "joke" about the protected classes, are they? Hypocrisy is the problem, not the joke itself. Most people only mock the easy targets.

"It's a losing game, bro. If you stand up for yourself, you're an 'angry prick.' If you don't, you're a pussy."

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