Daily Mail - "Short Men Tend to Be Chippy and Aggressive, or Little Napoleons"

Source: http://archive.is/xvOYz

"the Napoleon Complex, the syndrome where pint-sized men overcompensate for their lack of stature with blustering self-importance, jealousy and aggression."

"No one really knows why tall people — and particularly tall men — do so well in life. It may be partly to do with evolution. Tall men are seen by women as being healthier, fitter and stronger, looking all round the better catch."

The funny thing is that such an article on obese people would be lambasted. We're at the point where it's more politically incorrect to mock fat people than short men.

Update: Daily Mail strikes again - "Moment a furious motorist 'with small man syndrome' swung for another driver, kicked his car and tried to rip off a wing mirror after being sworn at for not giving way."

And again with the Daily Mail, where they mention a shooter's height even though it's irrelevant: "Congress shooter was 5'6" rude loner who creeped out female bar staff." I can understand mentioning someone's height if they're an unidentified suspect or something, but why here? I'll tell you why, it's because the Daily Mail clearly has something against short men: http://archive.is/wcv5O

The absolute state of journalism.

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