Even Average Height/Tall Men Now Notice Heightism

It's gotten to the point where even taller guys realize heightism is a thing, as seen in this thread. 

"Situational heightism is what made me realize heightism in general was a thing. I have several very tall friends and when I go out with them women give me far less attention than when I'm alone or with people the same or shorter than me. It wasn't a conscious realization of a greater social dynamic until I came across this sub." 

"I've been insulted for being short and rejected for being short, despite being of average height. I could never imagine what it's like to be significantly below average though, you have my utmost respect." 

"I'm a tall person, 6'2-3". I never really thought of height as an issue for people until stumbling upon this subreddit. It's an interesting subreddit to me, but it has made me aware/thinking of heightism.

The other day on Facebook a girl made a joke post looking for a pool boy. One of the requirements was minimum height being 6'. I was pretty shocked, it's the first time I've noticed heightism in my own social circle." 

"I am 5'9, so I fit in the lower range of average height. I spent most of my life being the smallest kid in all my classes until the middle of my highschool years. I remember how shitty it felt, and how people treated be back when even all the girls in the class were taller than me. I guess some of those feelings still resonate with me."

"Not average height - but I do browse/subscribe here. I do so because I'm well aware that heightism exists. It's a silly 'ism' and if there is any way I can help to reduce its hold on society, I'm obligated to do so."

"I don't know I really like this place, and heightism makes me really sad I don't understand how people can be so mean."

Yet we still have other people, including short men, burying their heads in the sand. I guess it helps them sleep at night.

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