Short Asian Food Critic Kills Himself

In the hours before his death, he also wrote: 'I have concluded that in the realm of dating and relationships the primary characteristics required for men are as follows.
'Height: above 5ft10; Race: huge bias towards caucasian and black; Wealth: or other manifestation of power. - Death of Wilkes McDermid
Damn shame about this man. He wasn't blind to the obvious biases regarding height and skin color, but the conclusions he arrived at caused him to kill himself.

Wilkes thought Asian men and short men are left behind due to "natural selection/Darwinism," so by offing himself, he was "speeding up nature's work." He said this in his last blog post. If his mentality were factual, we would've been wiped out during the caveman days when this stuff might have mattered, not in modern society full of couch potatoes. As big and bad as they were, even dinosaurs went extinct.

I'm guessing he never saw the studies on tribal cultures where they don't select for height. He only saw the studies conducted on post-industrial society, which you simply cannot use to prove anything biologically. Yes, modern women do select for height, but if tribal women don't, then this isn't natural evolution. It's social eugenics where those with low status are being wiped out. Still depressing, but less dire.

When these suicides happen, what irks me most is the victim blaming, like what you see here. It's basically a forum for a bunch of Asian men to pretend like they're "alpha." They just make me laugh, acting like badasses by trash talking some dead guy. I've skimmed that place before, and most of them are lightweights who lift light weights. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but at least be an actual tough guy if you're going to shit on a suicide victim.

I see lots of short men and Asians trying to prove they're 'one of the good ones' by attacking their fellow men. "See? I may be short and Asian, but at least I'm better than this guy who killed himself!" Unfortunately, when it comes to women, most men have a dog eat dog mentality. Many guys would stab a brother in the back for some girl.

I'm sure some jackass with a just-world fallacy would call Wilkes an entitled misogynist, and claim it was his bad personality that deterred women. I highly doubt that was the case, as he had many friends and supporters judging by Facebook and Instagram. Women just didn't find him physically attractive, and that's fine, but people need to stop pretending like there's someone for everyone. I've been told that before and it's clearly bullshit. Wilkes realized it was bullshit as well. It was crystal clear before he died. I think all he wanted to prove was that personality only goes so far in a superficial world, so people shouldn't point fingers at him when he died. Sadly, it didn't work.

Others will also claim "he should've sought professional help," as if therapists have magical powers. Many try to discredit this suicide by saying he killed himself because he couldn't get laid, when he was simply seeking intimacy. If this was about sex, Wilkes could've hired a prostitute, but he said that solves nothing. I also like when tall guys come in just to say "stop whining." Sad state of affairs. Lots of wannabe tough guys who think zipping their mouths makes them cool.

Google has found me the visage of a true hero.


To end this, I found something odd about the comments here (click on "best rated" if you take a look). Apparently, when a short Asian man dies in London, they're more concerned about discussing guard rails. The one comment specifically about Wilkes just invalidates everything he wrote, basically saying "eh, there are men like you who are in relationships. Sucks you thought this way." It'd be like saying, "Oprah is rich and famous so let's not discuss racism." I guess it helps them sleep at night, but still very strange. Are Londoners usually this cold? They couldn't give less of a shit.

Personally, I genuinely care, as I know exactly where his dark thoughts were coming from. The odds of someone preferring a short Asian guy are not great. RIP Wilkes McDermid. Life sucks and then you die.


Bonus lulzy comments.


P.S. Read my thoughts on suicide.

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