Friday, 27 February 2015

More Worrying About Height and Skin Color These Days

There was also an interesting comment from the graph's original thread:

"I think a lot of white people dont' feel comfortable being short and closer to "ethnic" height. whereas before, say the 1950's almost everyone was white (or black) in USA so being a 5'7 white male was no big deal, you were just a shorter guy. but now, the 5'7 white guy is the same height as Asian and Indian and Mexican guy, and this doesn't sit well with him."

"and on the flip side: Immigrants will want to be taller to fit into a white supremacists culture, and I have always said how Asians are especially guilty of this, they place being tall and white as some super awesome thing, while they may never be white, they can at least want to be tall and have taller children."

I don't know about the first paragraph, but I'll definitely agree with the second part. Straight from the Korean horse's mouth:

"But smaller is no longer considered better, thanks in part to the proliferation of Western models of beauty and success."

Note these graphs use percentages, rather than total number of searches, so these stats aren't rising because more people are using the Internet.

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