Korean Doctor's Dream to End Heightism

“My dream is to open growth clinics in North Korea,” Dr. Park said, “so that, once we unify, children from both sides will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder, not with one side a head taller than the other.” - Source

Yeah, that will teach a great moral lesson about tolerating differences. While we're at it, might as well end racism by making everyone the same color.

Instead of growth clinics, how about teaching kids not to put such emphasis on height? Or better yet, the adults of society can tone down their boners for tall men. It doesn't take a doctor to do this.

"But smaller is no longer considered better, thanks in part to the proliferation of Western models of beauty and success. On TV, all young pop idols are tall. Given our society’s strong tendency to fit into the group and follow the trend, being short is a problem. Short kids are ostracized.”

Being short isn't a problem. Assholes treating short people like shit is the problem. This isn't rocket science.

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