Five Politicians Fail Surprise Math Test


5 politicians of the Dutch government were unexpectedly forced to do the math test. The result is remarkable: all of them have failed. 

"We have made a real exam environment... The politicians were forced to fill in real example questions."

The bad score makes it clear again that the math test, which high school students are forced to have as a part of their exam, is flawed.

"Without preparation it is impossible to do this test. No wonder all of the politicians failed."

If you want to pass the test, you need to correctly answer at least half of the questions. Students on are required to do the test in order to get their diploma. The PvdA, VVD and the PVV (some Dutch political parties) are in favor of the test, which is intended to increase math skills.

When these politicians were teenagers, did they complete that test before graduating? If so, this shows how students only remember info to pass tests, rather than retaining and using that knowledge in adult life.

If 'math skills' were so important for most people, these politicians would've at least passed. It's almost like these tests should only be forced on those who require it for their profession. Not that this is a new revelation for those who hate school.

If most people absolutely need to read up on a subject to pass its test, that's akin to pulling out a calculator for your groceries. What's the point if we need a textbook to help us every time? Just buy the textbook and carry it around if it's so important.

It's all a waste of time, to stress out over some test that's required to graduate, only to fail that same test years later because none of it was useful on a personal level so you forget.

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