Saturday, 24 January 2015

Articles on Depression and Chemical Imbalance

Here are some articles on the relation between depression and the brain's chemical imbalances:

There was also a comment from the last article that I liked:

"As a long term participant in psychodynamic art therapy, I am convinced that the drive towards proving mental illness as a biological ‘defect’ is due to both individual and collective denial. We surely know that dysfunctional families and societies lead to splitting and often then to mental illness, but in order to address these issues we must first acknowledge them and take responsibility for them. No-one wants to admit how much as a society, we let people down. This isn’t just about not wishing to accept blame or being able to continue with projection and scapegoating. We fail to advocate health in the family because healthy families produce confident, questioning and ultimately free-acting people. People, who as Bruce puts it can ‘detect bullshit’ aren’t easily manipulated or drawn fully into the rat race of capitalist ‘democratic’ society. It’s far better to carry on marginalising all those who can neither understand the rules nor obey them and if we can blame them for being defective? Well that just makes it a whole lot easier and it keeps the drug companies in business too."

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