Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tumblr Morons (AKA More Height/Preferences Bullshit)

Click the picture above to view how many people liked/reblogged that post in the span of a few hours. Why am I not surprised?

If this was some 6'5 girl saying she doesn't get "butthurt" when guys prefer shorter girls, then maybe it'd make some sense. The fact that this person is trying to equate tall guys with tall girls is hilarious. What are the odds of a shorter girl hearing a guy profess his love for tall girls? See, this person's example doesn't bother them because they'll rarely have to hear it. Meanwhile, there's some conformist mentality amongst most girls to only prefer taller guys, and short guys have to hear this all the time, to the point where even tall men think it's bullshit. What does it tell you, when guys who benefit from this are also starting to get irked? Note the usual "people are entitled to their preferences" spiel in that link as well.

This "it's just a preference so don't get mad" mentality is used to shut down the mere audacity of asking people to reexamine their stifling values. They want to make it seem like some brunette is mad because certain people prefer blondes, which would be irrational because many prefer brunettes. In reality, the amount of women who would prefer a 5'2 man to some 6'0 guy are virtually nonexistent. I wonder why that would make people mad? When 96% of women have an aversion towards shorter men, there's something fishy going on beyond preferences. Do 96% of men have an aversion towards short or tall women? Nope, that link says only 53% of men demand a shorter woman, which is more in line with random preferences like hair color or breast size.


Some girls don't realize how easy their dating lives are in Western society. You could be an obese old lady and still have men who worship your image. I'd link proof, but I'd get banned. The fact of the matter is that there are many men who love tall women, fat women, flat women, old women, etc. Try finding a large contingent of girls who prefer short men.

Of course short men can find women who'd date/marry them, but do these ladies prefer their man's short stature? It may seem inconsequential (who cares once you're together?), but it's nice knowing there are those who love your physical traits, and short men do not have that solace. The best most short men can look forward to are girls who "look past their man's shortcomings," because short male height is such a flaw (it's in the language). Even the few girls who prefer short guys tend to arbitrarily cut the requirement off at 5'6, so good luck to the men who are below that range. I have never once heard a girl say her ideal man stands at 5'0.

Also, not dating short men is one thing but calling them hobbits is another. It's the difference between claiming "I don't prefer to date Asian men" and "I love White boys but all these chinks come out of nowhere to make sure I know how upset they are." Based on the "hobbit" label alone, their hatred-or at least contempt-for short men is blatant. Either way, we're jokes at best and bitter assholes at worst.

Now I'm just left wishing I could show some people how sensitive they can be. I wonder how calloused that tumblr user's hands are. I'm sure they've seen some shit since their grammar is jacked.


  1. Oh, it gets better. If you have ridiculously high and/or specific standards for appearance, nobody bats an eye. If you want your guy to be an indestructible box of rocks or your gal to have more curves than a polar equation, how DARE anyone say you rejected someone rudely. Even if you have an extremely narrow fetish, you know what, that's perfectly fine, let's be inclusive.

    But the moment I mention I need someone to be intelligent and not an asshole before I can find them attractive, people come out of the woodwork to say "aren't you limiting yourself too much???"

    1. By "it gets better" I meant "here is something arguably more ridiculous," not "here, have a bland optimistic 'your situation will improve so I won't do anything about it' platitude."

    2. No worries man. I got what you meant the first time and I agree.