No Form Of Prejudice Can Be Erased, But It Can Be Stigmatized

People love pointing out how height discrimination cannot be "stopped" because (insert reason here). That much is obvious, because every form of prejudice can never be fully erased. You'll always find a racist here or there despite how much society talks about racism. Superficiality and hatred are classic human traits.

What's interesting is that you'll find much more tolerance for obesity nowadays than a century or two ago. This is because "fat shaming" is not eradicated but discouraged. It doesn't matter if some people don't like this, good luck mocking a fat female at a family gathering, school, work, or in a children's film nowadays and getting away with it.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that weight is controllable but height is not, the latter mostly affects males and thus taboo to go against. If this society was actually based in logic rather than identity politics and political correctness, it would be more shameful to judge based on height than weight. However, this is apparently such a lubricious idea that nobody's even going to try. It costs zero time or money to refrain from labeling short men with complexes or syndromes for example, but here we are, stuck at square one.

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