Random People Describe UFC's Lighter Weight Classes

  • "Midgets are always going to be midgets. You can't teach size. Basically, I can't look up to 5'3 guys. Literally. I just wouldn't see them if I looked up. I appreciate their skill, just not as much a full sized human being."
  • "Wtf is next ? Peanut weight ? no one wants to watch two little kids fight. its boring."
  • "it was like watching two midgets playing ping pong in the ball pool at mdonalds play factory much rather see two wrestlers pressed up against the cage for 25 minutes, big strong men pushing and turning and pushing and turning"
  • "Can't stand those fighting midgets.....i'd rather see the mw's, lhw en hw's. I know they're fast and stuff....but just can't seem to care when these guys fight."
  • "you know as well as all of us nobody came to watch midget wrestling or to see a main event featuring a couple of smallish 6th graders... we dont care about men who couldnt defeat the womens champ!"
  • "oh wow midget divison... wtf is this shit"
  • "if i wanted to see 2 little kids fight id go to the park, like wtf. flyweight what a joke. itd be cool to see 2 small skinny guys verse me whos double there weight ahaha"
  • "not interested in watching that division my 12 year old cousin is bigger then the flyweights that will be the go get more beer division" 
  •  "who wants to watch horse jockies fight"
  •  "Dont like midgets hugging in a octagon!"
  •  "i've been hit harder by women then these flyweights"
  •  "Haha flyweights even I could kick their ass'es."

Heightism doesn't exist, right? It's one thing to boycott watching the division, but these people are nuts if they think they could beat UFC flyweights. It's one thing to simply be short, but it seems like short and skinny men legitimately offend people.

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