Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'll Be Happy When...

This video is about how people tend to think they'll be happier once they graduate highschool, but end up miserable in college. Then they believe they'll be happier after college, and so on.

I think most of us figure this loop out eventually, some fortunately sooner than later. What I wanted to discuss is whether or not happiness is all it's cracked up to be.

When I am angry or depressed, I lift weights or something and end up stronger. Meanwhile, other people swallow drugs/alcohol and waste their negativity. I believe that is a mistake. Unhappiness exists for a reason. If we were happy all the time, we wouldn't appreciate it, let alone accomplish anything of value. It's a yin and yang type of thing.

I guess the question is whether or not happiness is an attainable goal. You'll either never reach it, or it will eventually end, and you'd end up chasing the same goal after it's been taken away. Like pushing up a boulder while it's rolling down the mountain. You'll be stuck in the same spot until you give out.

Sounds like a waste of time. Just do whatever you want to do. If you're happy or sad along the way, embrace it. Unhappiness is what drove humanity to build all our comforts and convenience. The destination of happiness is negligible. It's what we do to get there that matters, and personally, sitting in a classroom doesn't seem like it'd cause a cataclysmic improvement.

"Hate is good as any to keep a person going, better than most."

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