Friday, 7 March 2014

"Taller People Are Smarter," They Say

 Study Finds Genetic Link Between Height and IQ

"A team of researchers at Edinburgh University in Scotland has found a correlation between genes associated with height and those associated with intelligence. In their paper published in the journal Behavior Genetics, the group describes how they studied the DNA of 6,815 unrelated people and discovered what they describe as a direct correlation between height and intelligence—taller people are smarter, they say."
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Here's a comment from where I found this study ( "So if you're looking for a MENSA or even just a plain old rocket scientist, all you have to do is try the NBA, the NFL or the WWE. The talent is "immeasurable."

I will say it's convenient how race and gender override IQ. For example, one cannot claim women or some other country is inferior (even though they're shorter on average), because that would be politically incorrect.

There was even a time when people linked brains with race or gender and claimed it was genetic. Look at this clusterfuck Wikipedia page about race and intelligence, or the one for sex differences in intelligence. Why so much debate? Why of course, society got offended so they made countless studies until they're finally able to say it's all environment and not genetic. Height is just different though.

I've seen studies saying the link between height and IQ is actually nutrition, rather than the height itself, it's just that malnourished people are smaller. In other words, if you're genetically short, then your intelligence has nothing to do with height. Then there are the others simply stating taller is better. Either way, I guarantee claims like this being made about some other group would be met with more offense.

Since society equates intelligence not just with IQ but also academics, I'll leave you with a question like back in school: on average, would a 6'0 black woman be more intelligent than a 5'0 Asian man? I used the word clusterfuck already, but once we combine IQ with not just height, but also race and gender, now that's a mess.

If you want my views on IQ itself, I concur with what psychologist Bruce Levine thinks: "IQ Tests Exclude Part of What I Consider Intelligence."

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