Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How Much Money You Need to Compensate In Online Dating

Some numbers on how much money one needs to 'compensate' for traits deemed undesirable by society (skin color, height, etc.)

The paper can be downloaded here. The most important thing for both men and women were your looks. Tall women weren't as desirable, short men weren't as desirable. Lots of data. Lots and lots of data. Racial preferences, income, everything.

Looks have a great effect on dating success. Interestingly, the top 5% of men had more than double the success of the next top 5%. Researchers called this the superstar effect.

Table 5.4 shows the income tradeoffs for all looks deciles. A man in the bottom decile, for example, needs an additional income of $186,000 (a total annual income of $248,500) to compensate for his poor looks. The table also shows that women cannot make up for their looks at all.

Table 5.5 shows the trade-offs between height and income. A man who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, for example, needs an additional $175,000 to be as desirable as a man who is approximately 6 feet tall (the median height in our sample) and who makes $62,500 per year. Maybe the most striking numbers are with regard to income-ethnicity trade-offs, as shown in Table 5.6.

Height increases a man's chance of being contacted first, while the opposite is true for women. It should be noted, above 5'11", height does not have a significant effect on a man's outcome. The difference is around 10%. Tall women, on the other hand, showed a significant drop in desirability.
For equal success with a white woman, an African-American man needs to earn $154,000 more than a white man. Hispanic men need an additional $77,000, and Asian men need an additional $247,000 in annual income. In contrast to men, women mostly cannot compensate for their ethnicity with a higher income.

Obviously, things like personality and hobbies are removed to get these numbers, but this is still interesting. Basically, if you're a short ugly Asian male, you'll need some big bucks to have a chance in online dating. Just more reasons for me to avoid the online scene. It's basically a bunch of shallow fucks going after 5% of the beautiful/rich people.

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