Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dropout Revolutionizes Menstrual Health In Developing Countries


A school dropout from a poor family in southern India has revolutionized menstrual health for rural women in developing countries by inventing a simple machine they can use to make cheap sanitary pads.

"Luckily I'm not educated," he tells students. "If you act like an illiterate man, your learning will never stop... Being uneducated, you have no fear of the future."
His wife Shanthi agrees with him on this point. "If he had completed his education, he would be like any other guy, who works for someone else, who gets a daily wage," she says. "But because he did not complete school, he had the courage to come out to start a business of his own. Now he's employing other people."

That is one smart man right here.

Although there was one troubling part:

He created a "uterus" from a football bladder by punching a couple of holes in it, and filling it with goat's blood. He walked, cycled and ran with the football bladder under his traditional clothes, constantly pumping blood out to test his sanitary pad's absorption rates. 

No, the football vajajay isn't what troubles me, that's pretty hilarious. It's this next part:

Everyone thought he'd gone mad. At the same time, his wife got fed up - and left.

"So you see God's sense of humour... I'd started the research for my wife and after 18 months she left me!" 

It wasn't really about her leaving because he had gone mad, because she returned the moment he found success. He wasn't exactly clinically "crazy" nor abusive. I think she just didn't like how her husband's reputation fell.

What is with people leaving whenever others talk shit about their lover? It's like they're attracted to how their partner is perceived rather than the actual partner. This is probably the same reason lots of women only go after tall or rich guys. They just can't handle the negative gossip. "He's too weird, too poor, too short, etc."

A good wife would've stuck with that Indian man, because even though women were the ones who needed pads, he humiliated himself for their sake. 18 months isn't an impressive loyalty record in my book.

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