Casual Heightism By a Professor

"I am a college student studying Accounting. One required class is called Organizational Behavior. Basically learning how people function in the workplace. My Professor often goes off on stories about his past experiences, many of which are in the Business world. He began talking about a prior job he had where he worked with a guy who was very motivated and got a lot of work done. He said the guy had told him how he works extra hours, etc to be extra productive. My professor then mentions that this guy was 'quite short', and how he has a theory on 'small men' in the business world. I'm sure you can see where this is going. He actually used the phrase "small man complex" and went on about how small men overcompensate for their size by trying to do extra work, etc. He made this sound like a bad thing, btw. The reason I'm posting this is just to show that people really believe this stuff, and are even passing it on to their students. I wish I had said something. I'd like to say I did, but I kept quiet. Maybe I'll bring it up to him in private during his office hours. I am shocked that someone in his position would be so openly heightist."

It's funny how people are shocked when academic/authority figures turn out to be ignorant. This brings me to the worst part of this. Most students rarely question their teachers, so I have no doubt a classroom was left thinking the Short Man Complex exists (it doesn't). After all, a college professor can't be plain stupid, can he?

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