"Short Man Makes Hospital Insufferable"

Small man syndrome is a very real thing. If I look back at the one or two men I have encountered in life, who have truly inspired me to go all stereotypically raging ginger, both were afflicted with the curse of the "stuck in the 5'7 to 5'8 1/2-at-a-bloody-push-and-I'm-being-generous" range.

I mean, it's difficult to blame them.

You'd be mad, too, wouldn't you, if everything was in woeful proportion?

Heaven knows I, of all people, would be upset if my shoe choices were restricted to speciality sizes only.

The reason I mention this is that, while I'm currently too medicated to pump out 500 words on bleak custard (as I write, I am literally in the back of a minicab on my way home, after waiting six hours for my discharge papers; pardon my drowsiness), life this week has been based solely around the hospital.


Which means all prior chat about life ensnared in the NHS web was just instalment uno in what appears to be a never-ending carnival of horrors.

Even more upsetting than the fact my health has prevented me from visiting both Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland and Oxford Circus to see the Christmas lights, not to mention put me in doubt for my work do as well as Christmas carols at the offie around the corner, is that I've spent the past week at the mercy of a specialist with small man syndrome.


Seriously, males that height should not be given positions of power.

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Not even funny once you realize this bitch ain't trolling. There are some seriously retarded heightists out there, but of course, heightism isn't real. "It's all in your head little man."

I know how this fucking goes. Lose if you do, lose if you don't.

Someone even called out the author (if she can be called that) on her heightism, and some douche replied "you're obviously a short man."

Basically, if somebody calls out anti-Asian racism, the smart reply would be "you're obviously Asian," right?

When people bash all short men, of course they should, because short men suck. When somebody calls out this bigotry, short men still lose. Fun times in this educated society.

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